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Last Update: 28th September 2004

| Posted by Smasher9a | September 28, 2004 | - New Index - Fits all Resolutions

That's right i have finally had a good 5 - 8 hours to sit back and work on my site. EVERY page is now 100% made to look its best regardless of what resolution you have. I know thousands of other website's on the net are like this and have been for ages but not many people have written all the code for it on their own.

About an hour or more was spent on testing with both Internet Explorer and Fire Fox and i didn't find anything wrong. Although i do get slack towards the end of a job so there still may be link errors. If there are i would appreciate if you could take a few minutes to Click Here and let me know.

The following are all the sub domains that i have spent time updating:

As you can all see under the banner there is a small bar the features 3 things:
Left: Link to the old index - old style of the site is still alive for all that liked that.
Middle (Only on the main page): Latest news post heading
Right: The date that particular page was last updated. All are set to 28th September 2004 and will be till updates are made.

What's next you ask? I have been contacted by the co-owner of the Apocalypse Server and have arranged to host there site as a sub domain. I do apologies to them as i have been slack getting back to them but i will start working with them in the next week. Hopefully we will see up by mid to late October.

Also i am not stupid, i know its only the 25th but this was planned for the 28th as a dedication to the 10th year of C&C. That's right Command & Conquer (later renamed Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn) was released in North America 10 years ago today (28th).

| Posted by Smasher9a | July 31, 2004 |

Under the downloads section i have finally added Renegade Desktop, a program made by Jason8765. Unfortunately he has abandon the program so i guess it will remain in beta stages forever :(

Anyway on a more pleasant note i have had a few hours free so have made a new section, 'Hints and Tips'. Basically tactics that unlike the 'Map Tactics' are not in video format and teach you how to fight better rather then how to exploit bugs in the game lol.

Anyway sorry for the lack of updates i have been very busy, i have mid-year exams coming up at school and getting my ROMs site up is taking ages to do.

| Posted by Smasher9a | June 15, 2004 |

As you all know Renegade has its own section now. This is to allow me to use my site for many other things other then Renegade. For all of you that have been waiting for the release of "Renegade Desktop" you better keep an eye out as it will be released in the next week. Unfortunately it may only be the beta version getting released but as far as i know there was never a final release.


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