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Here you will find some hints and tips that will hopefully help you improve your skill. As some of you may know i am rarely seen on foot without a sniper of any sort if i can afford it. That is because a sniper rife (meaning either basic rifle of ramjet rifle) is by far the most effective weapon on Renegade. Most of these hints and tips will be for snipers. These hints and tips have not being copied from another Renegade fan site. They have all been written by me and are all used by me. If you plan to put them on your site then least you could do is give me credit :)

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When it comes to basic infantry you can be a god or just a n00b, it all depends on the way you use it.

I can not stress this point enough. Backing off, NEVER! Regardless what character you are or are up against just charge at them. No one likes a close up gunfight and will cause them to back off. Getting pushed back will nearly always lower the players confidence and you seeing the person run from you will normally boost your confidence given you better odds.

When running towards an enemy and he starts shooting but just runs in a straight line you know you can take him easy. Simple get your gun to hit head (of even cheat if you can manage head). Run straight at him for a second of two then start running on diagonal to either his left or right and keep hitting his head (or chest). This will throw them off as they were expecting to charge you straight on giving you an advantage and by the time he can correct himself it will be too late.

When running towards an enemy and they start dodging from side to side while shooting you must remember, as well as making it hard for you to hit them its also just as hard for them to hit you now. Standing still will be the worst option. Once again try running diagonally at them and go either left or right depending on them. If they are going left you right and vice versa.

Coming up against a high class unit (Modius, Sukura etc) is not a great confidence booster. Just remember diagonal directions and always move forwards you will be surprised what the results can be.

Getting chased by a tank with and unit is never a good thing. If you are just basic infantry try getting a C4 on him first before you focus on unloading ammo into it. Just so you know it takes six basic mini gunners with all there ammo to kill a med tank. It takes one timed C4 to scare the crap out of it (or any tank) and two to get it running back as fast as it will go.

If you got a tank to take care of and intend on using basic infantry the flame trooper/grenadier are just right for that kind of job. I use the engi and just cover them in remote and timed C4, allot more effective then other basic infantry.

MRLS, Art, Stank, Humvee and Buggy can all be killed with 1 timed C4. Running at these vehicles with any C4 in your hand will make them back off because even with remote C4 its going to pack a punch.

Moving onto advanced infantry there are a few facts you will need to know:
• Mini gunner is for fighting any other infantry.
• Patch is for infantry and weak vehicles.
• SBH is not really meant to use his gun, he is more for sneaking into base but his weapon is most effective on tanks.
• Mini gunner black hand is just a gun! This guy will shred tanks and guys.
• Snipers are just that, sniping. The $500 snipers are not really meant for tanks as they don't give shit all points.

The best unit for base destruction out off all the units on the first two rows would have to be the engi. Mastering the pistol will mean in 5 bullets you can kill any unit if can get them in the head. If you really have no skill with the pistol using one of your remote C4's to scare or kill a unit is not that much of a waste if it works. I still would recommend training with the pistol and saving the C4 for the buildings.

The best unit for fighting in the first two rows of units is the mini gunner (not the basic version but the one on the second row). A very cheap unit and effective unit. If used correctly with the above methods (especially the first four) you can take out 2 or 3 high class units before needing to refill. On the map C&C Field i had 45 kills and 4 deaths using only the mini gunner and this was shredding sukura's, rav's and mendoza's no problem.

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DO NOT stay in the zoom mode for more then 2 or 3 seconds, zoom take your shot and release. While in zoom mode your speed is reduced to a 6th of normal making you a very slow moving target.

For the more advanced snipers or someone trying to become more advanced, zooming will only give you a close up of your target. It will not improve your chance of hitting if you can master this. It is possible to snipe by simple relying on shooting when your rectile (targeter/aimer i don't care what you call it you all know what it is) flashes green. By doing this there is never a point when you need to slow down to zoom making you much harder to hit. The trick is to reply of taking you shot in the 2 or 3 second period they stop to aim. Again with the more advance snipers its closer to a 1 second slow down but either way mastering this will knock them tot their feet as well.

Sniping tanks for points is a very good strategy, some say its point whoring or a n00bish tactics but that is just because they are morons and until they learn that the sniper rife is there best friend they will always be moron n00bs :)

Sniping tanks with a health bar color of green will give you points (like anyone didn't know that), sniping ANY tank with a health bar of yellow or red will give you NOTHING! (now how many knew that lol) I don't care what people say, the stealth tank will NEVER give you points unless its in the green same as all other vehicles. For those they don't know why i choose the stealth tank it is because for a while there was allot of talk saying that regardless of its health if its stealthed and you shoot it with sniper rife you will get points, WRONG :)

Reload, Reload, Reload! I cant stress this enough, u kill someone running along in the tunnel leaving you with 3 bullets in the barrel. If there is no one around reload so just encase you need it that extra bullet is there to save your life. I know its saved me more then i can remember lol.

Hiding behind objects is a very good strategy but no not when done poorly. Staying hidden for too long is bad because as all of you know (at least i hope all) after your gun has passed over a unit the outline telling you where that unit is will be visible for about 5 seconds after you go out of vision. Try to get out of hiding so you know where you target is. Lets face it, if you are behind a rock (or any thing you can hind behind) and ducking back and forth shooting at a sniper in the filed/base somewhere. After they see you there is not much of an area for them to need to look at to find you, but if you lose site of them you will need to re-look the whole filed/map for them giving them the advantage, not something you ever want to ever do!

Standing still, a tactic or just pure stupidity. This all depends of circumstances. You see a sniper and you can tell you have been seen (bullets flying past lol), they are standing still just shooting at you. You stand still, zoom in and take aim for the head for a quick kill. What you forget is they are already sitting there zoomed it waiting for your head to become still. I would say there is about an 80% chance they will get a head shot before you do. Being a quick draw can help, i rarely get taken out in situations like this but then again i zoom and shoot in about half a second and am moving again before they even had a chance to shoot. May take a few more shoots but the success rate will go up dramatically.

Close distance combat is much easier for the person with the height advantage. A near by hill/ramp can be your best friend (providing close is literally a few steps away). Get on the hill/ramp and jump towards your target but NOT directly towards there gun. Executed right you will get a midair shoot and a shoot almost immediately after landing. Holding crouch while in midair will cause you to land in a crouched position. Once landed (hopefully you will be in grabbing range) so just look at the sniper and shoot, almost impossible to miss. Repeat until dead (either them or you, then you can stop repeating lol).

Landing crouched next to the sniper that was aiming for your chest causes them to shoot clean over your head. Unfortunately the sniper that's aim is a little off and is aiming for your nuts has given you a problem as your head is now located where your nuts use to be :)

There is no honor in running from a battle but lets face it, losing a $1000 unit and handing over 125 points is not the best way to go. If you are near a cliff and death in only moment away just do your team a favor and kill yourself and not hand over 125 points. If you are near a friendly tank hop in for safety and wait until the coast is clear, if your life is way too low and you don't think a trip to base will be the safest option then just page the driver and ask him to take you to base. If he says no clearly and politely tell him what a shit head he is and attempt to make your own way back.

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First a chart showing vehicle name abbreviations used by me and many other people:

Original Name
Harvester harvy
Humvee humer
Buggy -
Mobile Artillery art, artie, arty
Mobile Rocket Launching System mrls
Flame Tank flame
Medium Tank med
Light Tank light
Mammoth Tank mammy, mammoth
Stealth Tank stank, stealth
Orca orc
Apache apach

Now a chart showing vehicle class:

Class 0 - Collector
Harvester Harvester
Class 1 - Scout
Humvee Buggy
Class 2 - Light Attack
APC, MRLS APC, Art, Light
Class 3 - Heavy Attack
Med, Mammoth Flame, Stealth
Class 4 - Flying
Orca Apache

Next a few opinions of mine: (not including flying and scout vehicles - Orca, Apache, Humvee and Buggy)

Longest Range: Mobile Artillery
Shortest Range: Light Tank
Weakest Armour: Stealth Tank
Strongest Armour: Mammoth Tank
Best Against Buildings - Short Range: Flame Tank
Worst Against Buildings - Short Range: Light Tank
Best Against Buildings - Long Range: Mobile Artillery / Mobile Rocket Launching System (MRLS)
Worst Against Buildings - Long Range: Flame Tank
Best Against Infantry - Short Range: Mammoth Tank (Second Fire) / Flame Tank
Worst Against Infantry - Short Range: Light Tank
Best Against Infantry - Long Range: Mobile Artillery / Mobile Rocket Launching System (MRLS)
Worst Against Infantry - Long Range: Mammoth Tank (Second Fire) / Flame Tank
Best Power to Speed Ratio: Medium Tank
Worst Power to Speed Ratio: Mobile Artillery / Mobile Rocket Launching System (MRLS)

Medium tank vs ANY tank if used correctly will be unstoppable. I have taken on and defeated 3 stealth tanks. Against 2 light tanks its a little harder but the medium tank is just so powerful and fast. Allot of people say the light tank is better even though it is weaker because its faster and smaller so much harder too hit, these people obviously cant aim with the med tank :)

Taking the field with any map is very important. Being the first onto the field and seeing there are 2 or even more enemy tanks out there before your team gives you a big responsibility. You must hold them ALL off and push them back or just lure them around long enough until you teams gets some tanks out. Backing off into you base will do nothing but handing them the field. Sometimes making a sacrifice by losing your tank to delay them is necessary. On C&C Field i regularly lose my first tank regardless what team i am on just to take the field.

If you on GDI and you need to do some tank fighting in field get a med, If you are on NOD get a light. I don't know what people are thinking that brining out arts and mrls into a field of meds, lights and snipers.

When you are getting hammered and have a tank right on you and there no chance of survival wait till you tank is either 25 or 50 life then eject. No reason to just give away points when its unavoidable. Doing this will also give you a few extra seconds to get out your C4 and strap it to the bitch that killed your tank :)

When you capture a weak enemy tank (Class 1 or 4 and 2 for everything but the light) it would probably be best to keep it in base. Each team has a limit of 7 vehicles (not including the harvy) and by keeping that tank alive that's one less tank they can throw at you in a rush.

Blocking the harvy to prevent it getting into the field, getting killed and giving them points. To be honest i am surprised that allot of people don't know this or find this an odd thing to do. It a very effective way to get the other team to stop point whoring off it and lets just face it with 4 or 5 tanks sitting at your base entrance its not going to get to the tiberian and back, it would be lucky if it got past their tanks.

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I will update this as i remember there is something i left out and the only way that is going to happen is by me playing so i guess i have to do that some more then i do :)

If you feel any of these are questionable or just wrong or i have a spelling error i didn't pick up on please E-Mail Me and let me know.

Thank You


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