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If you have some great files you would like to submit please E-Mail Me them with your WOL name and the creator WOL name (If its not the same) and I will put them up if I think there worthy :)

If you try and take credit for others work and get caught you will be reject from ever submitting a file and banned from the soon coming forums for 1 week.

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Renegade hidden Option
6th Sense Rectile
Renegade Desktop
WOL Register

Renegade hidden option is a handy program that lets you disable heaps of renegade options that were never before accessible!
You can now remove that annoying intro video when u start up, no more annoying message asking if you are sure you would like to quit the game and a whole heap of other great features.





Creator: Jason Woods aka Jason8765
Manual Installer: Here [32.0kb]
Self Install: Here [74.3kb]

This is a modification to the extremely popular rectile "Hunters Sight", It has a “X” in the middle appose to the basic dot. A superior skin if you ask me.

Creator: Smasher9a and Jason Woods aka Jason8765
Download: Here [68.8kb]

Renegade desktop really is one of the best fan made programs! This lets u join Westwood chat rooms, re-arrange your buddy list in any order you want and all from your desktop in a separate program so you don’t even need renegade CD in your drive!





Creator: Jason Woods aka jason8765
Download: Here [1.21mb] - Sorry for the long wait!

WOL Register will let you register a new WOL account for any westwood online game meaning you do now have to do it from in the games anymore!





Creator: Apax Team
Submitted By: Feds14
Download: Here [78.8kb]


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